EMC Rewards
EMC has created a special rewards program for our representatives. To say that we appreciate and value our relationship we have with our marketing representatives would be an understatement. To demonstrate our appreciation, EMC has created a special rewards program that is unique in the referral marketing industry. Each month that you are a EMC marketing representative and you participate as agreed, you will gain 10 EMC Rewards Points. We call this special program EMC Rewards. Each time a marketing representative has successfully accumulated 360 EMC Rewards Points the marketing representative is eligible to receive our special EMC Rewards Vacation Package.


Free Vacation Accommodations To Exotic Destinations
The EMC Rewards Vacation Package includes three days of free vacation accommodations in you choice of several fun, exciting, and exotic vacation destinations including Cancun Mexico, or the Caribbean. Prefer to stay stateside, you can also choose from vacation destinations like Las Vegas and Florida as well. You'll receive your choice of vacation accommodations for three days and two nights at you choice of Cancun Mexico, the Caribbean, Las Vegas or Florida. What's even more exciting is because you gain rewards points each and every month you'll actually receive Free vacation accommodations every three years. EMC Rewards is just our we of saying we appreciate our relationship.

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